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  • Robert Hinkley

Thought for the Day

Photo by Richard Miller

11/24. It’s not greed. We tend to think companies continue to emit greenhouse gases (GHGs) because their managements are greedy. This makes us blind to the real reason and keeps us from solving the problem the emissions are causing our planet..

If personal greed was the source of the problem, there would have been at least one company where the majority of its directors put the environment ahead of the company's interests. They would make it stop burning fossil fuels and suffer the adverse financial consequences. But this hasn’t happened.

Photo by Richard Miller

So, if it isn’t that directors' personal greed which keeps their companies burning fossil fuels, what is it? Something is making them appear greedy and ignore the severe harm their companies are inflicting on the environment.. It would be wise to understand what it is. Until we do, we can't make it stop. Tune in tomorrow.

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