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  • Robert Hinkley

It's Easier: Part I

6 June 2024

Yesterday, I argued it will be easier to change corporations than it will be to give governments more power to stop their severely damaging anti-social behaviour.  Here, I will begin to explain why.


First, limiting corporate anti-social behaviour in even just one jurisdiction is extremely difficult. Dealing with a global problem where the rules and their enforcement are different in each of several hundred jurisdictions is many times more complex and therefore much more unlikely to be successful. 


Government now tries to regulate most business behaviour one jurisdiction, one abuse of the public interest at a time.  I call this the “where” (not here) and “how much” (a little less) approach to regulation. When the damage is minor and the process is ineffective, it is regretful.  When the damage is severe, it can be catastrophic.


The record of the 28 Conferences of the Parties (COPs) is instructive.  There’s been little success using the where and how much approach.  Global emissions and the build-up of greenhouse gases just keep increasing. The best scientists say the result will soon be catastrophic.


Tomorrow I’ll discuss more about why the “where” and “how much” approach has been ineffective and why we must turn our attention to changing the corporation.  Stay tuned.

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