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  • Robert Hinkley

Earth Day: A New Strategy

Time is running out. Our first goal should not be to try and make all corporations moral all the time. It should first be to place limits on their immorality.

It's not about trying to get them to always do the right thing voluntarily. It's about keeping them from continuously causing serious harm to the environment and other elements of the public interest.

Think stopping electricity generators and motor vehicle manufacturers from daily emitting great quantities of greenhouse gases.

This Earth Day let's change our strategy from worrying about small stuff to focusing on saving our planet. Systemic change is needed at the point of highest leverage in our economic system, the duty of corporate directors.

The Code for Corporate Citizenship is that change. The duty of corporate directors should not be just to act in the best interests of the corporation (as it is under current law), but to never do so in a manner that causes serious harm to the environment.

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