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  • Robert Hinkley

A New Strategy to Halt Global Warming

Hope for the Future


Every Conference of the Parties has discussed ways to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Afterwards, the delegates return home and try to negotiate reductions with the big emitters. This strategy has failed over and over again.


After 28 attempts, it's time to stop negotiating. A better strategy is to change the fundamental objective of all companies in a way that will: (i) force the emissions stop and (ii) ensure that corporate destruction of the environment never becomes an issue again. 


Governments everywhere have enacted laws which dictate to directors how they must manage their company. These laws

Photo by Richard Miller

are the same the world over and boil down to eight words, “Directors must act in their company’s best interests.” It shouldn’t be hard to add eleven more, “but not at the expense of severe damage to the environment.” 


Companies causing climate change must be stopped before it’s too late. No company should ever think it has the right to cause severe damage to the environment simply because government hasn't yet gotten around to prohibiting it.  Changing the objective of all corporations to reflect this will be much more effective than trying to negotiate new laws with a few which have no intention of going along.


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